Our Purpose

Future Ink, a humanitarian-based organization, is on an ecological enrichment mission for better city living conditions.

Our mission focus is the advancement of our unique city infrastructure for city living, commuting, shopping, and leisure activities apart from a traffic grid system.

     Our Goals

Future Ink provides a superior infrastructure for better living, where traffic grids replace a system of arrayed eco-constructs in arched patterns. ECH constructs closely align, forsaken the traffic grid system. An elevated monorail system connects all grouped constructs as ground level pathways do. As a result, ecology and humans unite in eco-cities.

Citywide commerce and other activities remain risk-free of all traffic hazards, noise, and pollutants.

We further boast the enhancement of soft technology for improved city-wide safety and personal connectivity.

City technological advance need no longer pose an Orwellian threat as the eco-city offers an innovation to traffic grids.

Our platform is to promote a better means of city living.