City Showcase

Eco-City Infrastructure

The entire eco-city is comprised of 3 infrastructural areas:

Area 1 is the central (encircled) area called the Eco-city Hub (ECH)

Area 2 is the first outer ring called the Traffic Flow Ring (TFR)

Area 3 is the 2nd outer ring called the Eco-city Outer (ECO)

Description of the 3 Facility Areas

The ECH is an ecological living hub for maximized recreation, services, and commerce interaction. The ECM is ecologically integrated, containing an entire host of city facilities.

The TFR is comprised of alternating sectionals consisting of covered road sectionals and parking structure sectionals, forming a continual ring around the outer perimeter of the ECH. The TFR may be subterranean. To reduce traffic infractions or accidents, the TFR roads do not U-bend, intersect, and have left or right sharp turns. Most traffic city accidents occur when traffic is impeded.

The ECO is the eco-city’s outermost area ring with foliage added for ecological enhancement. No traffic grids exist as with the ECH in keeping with eco-design specifications. However, the ECO is comprised of a service road which links condominiums, distribution facilities, outdoor recreational facilities, and a power station. Condominiums will have adequate parking in this zone.


Additional Details

The use of your automobile is repurposed for intercity travel or country drives. However, automobile parking is undercover and secure in a parking structure that accommodates electrical charging when needed. This is as convenient as it can be.

ECH port station access is accommodated by a 2nd level monorail transit system.

The transit rail connects structures throughout the ECH. Station stops will include perimeter condominiums, lodging, and commerce facilitated structures throughout to the central mall and back.

Each parking garage will have two ports of entry: one for 2nd level monorail station access to the ECH and the other for (open) ground level access to the ECH. The lanes of road in the TFR run through the parking structures.

Eco-City Engineering

Unlike traffic city’s sprawling grid-systems accommodating all city inhabitants, the eco-city is based on three detached zones— one for traffic and two for city inhabitants. The central ECH and outer ring ECO will be maintained as eco-enhanced areas for city inhabitants.

The TFR is the only traffic system apart from the ECH and ECO in which traffic flows in a circular pattern just beyond the ECH perimeter. No traffic or traffic roads based on grids exists in the ECH and the ECO.

The TFR enclosure will be outfitted with scrubbing technologies that eliminate pollutants throughout the traffic ring sectionals.

The traffic flow road sectionals move traffic continuously around the flow ring to various ports of entry via the second level of all parking garage sectionals. Again, the dangers of collisions are mitigated due to a continual flow system design of a contained TFR.


The eco-city’s unique infrastructural design is an engineering marvel that brings the beauty of nature to city inhabitants while allotting for a non-impeding traffic system. Yet, parking accommodates nearby port city access.

The enhancement of city living has a great advantage over traffic cities in the following ways:

We engineer adequate eco-city spacing without the sprawl
effect of traffic cities, and that means land preservation on a smaller scale x7.

Furthermore, eco-city inhabitants will experience increased safety and convenience in a commerce/living based city environment unlike any imagined.

Eco-city living is a way of city life as nature intended. Future Ink city living is unparalleled.