Since we decided to go public in introducing our eco-city,  Future Ink is seeking to initiate a campaign effort to introduce our city-model concept to a broader audience.

Our outreach is for non-profits, investors, environmental groups, and the public to positively connect with.

A New City Concept Sure to Get Attention

Based on our own conducted opinion surveys, our eco-city concept should catch on like a torrent of mountain water springing forth.


Our First Awareness Campaign Effort

With your generous contribution we will find popular interests in more than one locality, and that form’s the basis for a feasible market plan.

Any partial or full success towards our fundraising goal will open the eyes and the minds of potential investors as a product ready for a strong market. And you, as a contributor, can make that possible.

Together our fundraising success is your voice for better city-living.

City living that is safer, commute convenient, eco-facility compliant, and a city merged with ecological surroundings.

This is only possible by your donation for alternative living.

Be the voice for a great humanitarian cause and donate today. We greatly appreciate it!